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When looking to buy new golf balls players might be tempted to go with what they are recommended in a store. Some players prefer to buy the most expensive balls to ensure they get the most qualitative product. Other players just stay with the cheapest option which is enough at that particular moment. Sure there is a noticeable difference between these two extremes.  The most expensive golf balls are regularly seen as being good for the major tournaments. The cheaper options usually only satisfy beginners. So which are the most important characteristics when looking for the best golf balls?

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Although many users can suggest otherwise, many players consider branding among the top characteristics of the best golf ball. This is especially true for dedicated players which have been well served by a certain company in the past. It is not that common for top level players to change their brand.

But branding also influences another important characteristic. Pricing is among the top 3 buying decision for most players. Some golf balls can be made from multiple pieces which increase the cost of production. But branding itself can also increase or diminish the final price. There are many instances where a brand will be priced above the market value due to its tradition in the sport.


Pricing is among the top things to consider when buying the best golf balls. Since you will use them for a long time it can be a good idea to go for the maximum budget you can afford. Most players, however, tend to be in between the top and the lowest quality balls.

These balls have some good characteristics and are made using average materials. If you need golf balls for tournament level you will need to spend more on responsive equipment. Top golf balls with a good spin rate and a quality cover will involve higher prices. It is up to you to decide which type of player you are and if you really need the top performing golf balls.

Designbest ball golf

The design of the best golf balls can determine their pricing and performance. There are many variations or these designs but most manufacturers find their best-selling balls are the one and two-piece design.

The one piece design is the simplest ball you can find. It is easy to manufacture, doesn’t require any maintenance and is sourced with easily available materials. They are usually made from Surlyn which gives them a good softness with a decent rigidity balance. These types of balls are mostly used by new golfers which need an affordable option to get into the sport. While they may not represent the best performing balls, they are still very popular with many players.

The two-piece design uses a simple principle to deliver more distance when compared to the one-piece options. The two-piece design comes with a harder core which is covered by a plastic layer which gives the ball a specific responsiveness. There are many materials which are chosen to cover the two layers of the ball. It is not unusual to see Surlyn being used for the top layer. The solid part or the inside of the ball can sometimes be made from resin. While the texture is harder than the one of Surlyn, it does come with a certain forgiveness which is needed for proper energy transfer from the top layer.

The three-layered design begins to introduce the concept of personalized golf balls. These types of designs come with more spin and are most effective for special strikes. The core if the ball can be made from a liquid or even rubber. The remaining two surfaces can be made from plastics such as Surlyn or Urethane. It can be said that these complex designs need a certain skill level which can properly manage energy transfers. While the performance of the golf ball is influenced by the club, the ultimate influencer is the player.

Four-piece golf balls offer one of the most complex golfing experiences. It can be said that each layer performs its own duties. The inner core is made from rubber. This hard surface is what manufacturers offer to increase distance and power. While the core is made of solid rubber, the outer layers can be made from different materials. The following layers can be a transitional layer. Its purpose is to transfer the energy towards the second outer layer. This layer, in turn, is made to increase distance. There are various materials manufacturers use for this purpose although they have started making this layer a center point for spinning. The outer layer can be made from Urethane. This material can come with multiple dimples which are so popular with top golf balls.

The five-piece design is the latest in this niche. While there are not so many manufacturers offering this ball design, it is one of the more complex and customized balls for tour-level golfing. The added layers have the role of adding more distance and spin. As with the four-piece design, each layer has its own purpose. While some layers may be considered transitional, as they carry the energy towards the next layer, the design also offers the harder core layer.


Compression is one way to differentiate good golf balls from the best golf balls. This type of feature can be explained by simple laws of physics. Since the same amount of material can compress the core of the ball with different intensities, this is where manufacturers place their focus to attract high performing players. Although compression can be measured on a scale from 0 to 200, not everybody can benefit from a universal product. For example, players looking for distance could be well served by the lower compression designs. At the same time, players looking for the ultimate speed and control can benefit from playing higher compression balls.

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golf ball ratingsSpin

As you can see, all manufacturers see spin as an important feature to a good golf ball. Although the entry-level models don`t offer spectacular results in this area, it might be worth to note that there are various options to choose from.

Low spin balls still have their army of fans. It seems that even if the ball doesn’t have too much spin, the increased roll on the landing surface can play a huge part in specific conditions. These types of ball are best suited for new players. But some golfers might find them a good alternative in some situations. For example, these balls would work great with slicing techniques. The low spin balls are also perfect to master the take-off technique for people who encounter problems in this area.

The mid spin balls are the perfect choice for the average user. Many top brands offer this type of balls which make the transition from low to high spins. In most cases, the balls are perfect for controlled performance and as an option to improve personal results from the basic low spin balls. The technologies are not that revolutionary so you can still expect an affordable price with mid spin balls.

The high spin ball is the perfect option for advanced players. It comes with the most amazing responsiveness in the right hands. It is made for maximum spin and controlled backspin. These types of balls can straighten backspin and work great around greens with maximum responsiveness.

The case for classic design

Many new players might be wondering why the exterior design of the balls has not changed in years. While it is true there is a certain tradition in the sport, the dimples design is made with the laws of physics in mind. These laws tell us that the more surface you have pressing through the air, the more resistance it will receive.

While the dimples are holes, the air has to move besides the ball to propel its speed and distance. The design means there is little turbulence when air reaches the dimples as it has to come back out and move along the ball. But if you would create the same conditions and speed for a flat-surfaced ball, it would travel less with insufficient performance to use it during a game.

Top golf ball tips for new players

Since the seasoned players might be convinced about the performance of golf balls, new players may not seem to understand the net worth of each ball.

Cheap vs. expensive golf ballsgolf ball comparison chart

As we have seen from the design indicators, a multi-layered golf ball can be vastly superior to a simple, one-piece design. So while generally speaking these golf balls can be superior, they don’t actually provide that much improvement. For the average user, they can expect to cover up to a few yards more with a multi-piece design. But it’s actually what happens when the ball reaches the greens what matter most. Since the spin is better customized, players feel a better connection to their own personal goals with complex ball design. The roll is also quite different and although fast than a one-piece design, it provides some of the most controllable experience golfers can have.

Consider losses

We’ve all been there, even the best golf balls end up in lakes or simply lost. A simple calculation should help you keep your costs down and estimate you future golf ball needs. But it is not only about getting the most balls for the lowest price on the market. Many players tend to have a combination of golf balls for each type of situation. Training sessions can be a good place to use one-piece golf balls and try variable compression and brands. In tournaments, you might want to stick to the highest performing balls which will give you the most personalized approach to maximize your own potential.

But then there`s the issue of getting to know a certain design, as the learning curve might be significant for some players. You must note that while you train and perfect your shots with cheaper balls you will get better, but just using cheaper balls. In the end, you should go for the best performing balls which will help you push your limits. Once you reach your peak performance you can go another level upwards on the ball performance ladder.

Testing the balls

There are certain machines which can test the balls for you. There are also shops which allow you to measure compression, possible distance and the responsiveness of the ball under controlled conditions. But the best approach is to test them yourself, in real-world conditions. While most golf balls come in a pack, you can spend a little amount to test the most interesting balls. Without making a final decision, you can even try purchasing multiple type of balls, with different designs and compression levels to test for yourself.

best golf ball for meFocus on the swing

While it might be tempting to look for the ultimate golf balls to perfect your overall game performance, things might be different once you start gaining experience. What we know is that every player has a particular swing to excel in. This means you won`t be able to perform with the same results at different swings.

This is the situation in which you need to objectively think about your strong points and your weak points. These will determine which types of balls will best suit your personal needs. Don`t be a victim of marketing and think of what areas you want to focus on which swing is your ace and needs to be played to its maximum potential.

There are many golf ball designs which offer a custom experience. The one-piece design is a good starting point for so many players. It is affordable and provides enough performance to get you started. But if you want a customized approach to push your skills, it would be advisable to try a two or three-piece design. Then there are even the golf balls with a five-layer design. Although they are the newest on the market, they provide the best alternative for learning what`s new in the game. It must be said that new players will not necessarily know how to improve results with custom layers, spin and compression. New players should take the time to progress through the technologies used in top golf balls.

Best Golf Balls Reviews
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