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With so many options it might be difficult to choose the best golf bag. The market is filled with so many great manufacturers which offer various solutions for all types of golfers. However, things might get overwhelming when you start to look at specific features which might even confuse new players.

As any experienced golfer will tell you, the functionality of the bag is what matters most in the end. If you take the bag with you, there are certain considerations like space in the trunk for transportation. You also need to know where to store the bag at home to keep in in a good condition. Let`s have a look at some of the most important factors to influence golf bag purchasing:

best golf bags

Golf Bag Dividersgolf bags review

All major manufacturers have started listening to the players when it comes to dividers. There are now so many designs for dividers that it doesn’t make sense to buy a bag without them. The dividers are placed on the top opening of the bag and play a role in separating the clubs and keeping them scratch free. Some of the most innovative companies have started offering adjustable dividers. The adjustments mean you can separate from 2 to more than 10 clubs, according to your needs.

An important tip to notice here is that many companies advertise their bag with the dividers feature. But not all bags have the dividers run along the length of the clubs, being limited to the top opening of the bag. This means that the clubs might meet at some point along the bag thus providing the platform for scratches. If you take a closer look at the market itself, you`ll notice that only the premium golf bags offer dividers which run along the entire length of the clubs.

Pockets and accessories

Since you will be carrying your bag on the course on hot summer days, you can benefit from choosing a design with enough pockets to keep yourself free and focused on the game. Most modern golf bags offer a good range of pockets but some premium models go a little further in keeping your valuables safely stored.

There are pockets for smartphones and tablets. The best pockets offer decent padding so even if you drop the bag, your smartphone will be safe. For quick access it would be good to look for pockets with zippers.

Apparel pockets are also becoming increasingly popular. So many players take extra T-shirts on the course, especially on hot days. This is why dedicated pockets have started to become standard with premium golf bags. The pockets need to be large enough to hold a classic shirt but also flat enough to keep it in good condition through the day.

Towel loops are becoming increasingly popular for advanced golfers. Since you might need to wipe your drivers from time to time it might be a good idea to look for a golf bag with a towel loop which can hold the towel off the ground should you need it to wipe your hands or face also.

Beverage pockets are also among the top require pockets by golfers. Since you will need to stay hydrated, having a dedicated pocket is the simplest way to keep your drinks off the ground. Make sure to look at the available options as some pockets can keep your drinks cooler for a longer period of time.

Straps are also changing to maximize comfort while transferring the weight to your shoulders. Surprisingly, not all golf bag come with straps. So you should look for models which offer at least one strap. This will ensure you have your hands free while transporting the bag on the course or from the car. Modern straps also offer good padding which increases comfort level.

Speaking of comfort, some premium bag can come with umbrella holders. This is one of the features which you don`t know you need until it is actually too late. Umbrellas can be great on both hot and rainy days. Make sure you have one with your favorite golf bag.

Types of Golf Bags

There are a few main categories of golf bags which you can find on the market today. These categories are meant for different types of users and it might be a good idea to establish from the beginning which is the conditions for your golf bag needs.

Although many stores might try to push for the largest and most complex bag, that doesn’t mean you actually need it. But you also need to pay attention to simplistic bags as they can quickly become obsolete. As with many types of golfing equipment, finding the right balance is the way to go or most players. You need to find a bag which is large enough even for a few future purchases but which is also easy to carry and store.

Carry bagsgolf bag

These types of bags are the lightest alternative on the market. They are usually made for the casual golfer so don’t expect expensive and durable materials from every product. While finding a durable carry bag is possible, you would have to look beyond your regular store to find such a product.

Carry bags can be transported handheld but they may also come with one strap. Even if you don`t need the strap it might be a good choice to look for a complete design as you never know in which situation you might find yourself on the course.

Stand bagsbest golf bag

The most versatile options are stand bags. They are popular among golf players due to their upright position and ease of access. Some of these bags can fully packed with all the pockets you might need. As the bag itself can be quite large, manufacturers have taken advantage and placed as many pockets as possible on the exterior of the bag. Stand bags can be a simple option should you choose walking instead of a golf cart. Stand bags are perfect for longer days on the course where the legs will keep them in an upright position with the clubs at easy reach.

Cart bags

If you choose to move around using a golf cart you might benefit from getting cart bags. These types of bags come with a solid base and offer more protection compared to the stand bags. These bags are often heavy and you might need some help to adjust and secure them to the cart. The good news is they are well able to protect your clubs.

Tour bags

The ultimate option is the tour bag. This type of bag is complex and offers all the accessories and pockets you might need. Although they come at a higher price they are made for the professional golfer which needs all the features from such a bag. So why would you pay more for this type of bag? It is all down to the quality of the materials which protect the clubs. Often, these bags come with reinforced walls and are even great to be transported on planes.

golf bag reviews

Travel bagsgolf bags reviews

Speaking of planes, travel bags offer the best combination between a carry bag and the lightweight needed to travel. If you want to take just a few select number of clubs with you and don`t need the complexity and heaviness of a tour bag with your, travel bag might be the only real alternative. Since these bags are not made or the ultimate features but rather just to protect your clubs with the minimum weight, you can`t expect too many pockets and accessories.

Golf balls bags

There are also other types of bags which might prove useful for the dedicated golfer. Some bigger manufacturers have started producing quality golf ball bags. Usually, these types of bags are easy to use and don`t come with too many additional pockets.

However, with these types of bags, you need to pay attention to the design. Ideally, you want a vertical design with a good, solid, base. This means the ball will be easy to reach and the bag is solid enough not to tumble. Since the weight of the balls is considerable, you might need a bag with solid construction. There are many natural and synthetic leather bags which would work for the increased weight. You also need a good closing mechanism such as a robust zipper.

Shoe bags

Many professional golf shoes need proper protection. If you invest in a good pair of shoes it might be worth purchasing a dedicated bag. So how does a dedicated shoe bag differ from a regular bag? Usually, a shoe bag comes with a solid construction which prevents break-ins and can truly protect the shoes against mild shocks. A dedicated bag will also help you easily store your shoes under a bed while keeping dust away.

A good tip is to look for a brand which can offer shoes and a dedicated bag together to save time. You may also note that some shoe bags may be waterproof and might be better suited for rainy days.

golf bagHard cover vs. soft cover

This brings us to the issues with golf bags that too many players don`t consider while looking for the right model. Although you might be focused on the dividers and the extra pockets, the fabric of the bag will play an essential role. The durability of the bag is directly influenced by its top covering layer. Some synthetic leather materials have shown their limits under countless hours of sun exposure. Some leather materials are also not very well suited for exposure to humidity. Leather bags may also require additional maintenance and cleaning.

Apart from durability, the cover will also determine how your golf bag will look after a season. While it might look great at the beginning you need to find a quality product with strong materials which will last in time. In many cases, golf bags end up sitting on the grass which can affect the materials of the bag. This means you`ll need to clean the bag as often as possible to keep mold away and to prolong its life.

best golf bags

top golf bagsGolf bags for ladies

Since many golfers are women, the big brands are starting to look into the ladies golf bags. These bags are not that different to the rest of the bags. Usually, you may find alternatives to regular bags in the ladies` section. Most of the times the choice is between different color options.

But women also carry different accessories to men and this is why the golf bags are starting to cater to their needs by implementing pockets for cosmetics or other accessories.

Since these bags often come in lighter colors, it’s worth noting the maintenance will be more complex. While many general golf bags come in dark colors it is easier not to notice dirty spots. Ladies will need to take care of where they place their golf bags and one simple option is to choose a bag which has a washable bottom. While the upper might be brightly colored, it also has fewer chances of getting dirty.

There are a few main golf bag categories. These include carry bags, stands bags, cart bags, tour bags and travel bags. The market for golf bags is expanding, however. This means you can expect to find other types of dedicated bags for shoes or golf bags. Women`s bags are also becoming increasingly popular so it might be worth looking for alternative options to the main bags on the market for brighter coloring.

Regardless of the preferred model, you have to look for manufacturing quality and ease of maintenance. This means the bag will have a longer life and it will be a worthy investment. The main purpose of golf bags is to protect the clubs against scratches or other types of damages. Ideally, you want to look for bags which offer dividers that run along the length of the clubs to fully protect them. If you`re not sure on the number of dividers you need, you can always look for adjustable options.


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