Bushnell Tour V4 Golf Rangefinder Review

The Bushnell Tour V4 golf rangefinder is among the top performers in terms of range. The device can read data up to 1,000 yards and can lock to flag from 400 yards. The rangefinder comes in a compact design which is USGA legal and can thus be used in tournaments. The rangefinder doesn`t come with slope measurement which is the case with the V4 Shift model. But the device does come with the PinSeeker and JOLT technologies. With a water resistant design, it might be a good option for most players looking to cover larger ranges.


  • 1000 yards range
  • USGA legal
  • Compact design
  • 2-year warranty


  • No slope measurement


The Tour V4 manages to offer accurate data readings up to 1.000 yards. The flag lockdown can be done with a minimum distance of 400 yards. The device uses a combination of technologies to find and lock the flag. These technologies are Bushnell`s PinSeeker and JOLT which work together to bring accurate readings on the flag`s position. The technologies even alert the player using short vibrations when the flag is locked down.

The compact rangefinder is easy to use. It comes with a fast focusing system. The system is powered by the multi-coated optics which comes with 5X magnification. It can be said that the device is similar to the V4 Shift, but without the slope measurement feature. This would indicate its playability in tournaments which are under USGA.


The rangefinder comes in a modern and simple design. The compact device is powerfull enough to protect the long-ranage laser but it also comes with a safe design with the Stability-grip technology. The rangefinder is also water resistant which will make for a good device in all weather conditions. The display is based on the LCD technology which is powered by a standard CR2 battery.

Since the rangefinder is robustly designed, it comes with a 2-year warranty. With a weight of only 6.6oz, it can represent a rangefinder which is not only easy to carry around but a device which can be used for years to come.

The Bushnell Tour V4 golf rangefinder is a powerful device which can be useful to players of all levels. It comes with some of the most popular technologies from Bushnell which includes the PinSeeker and JOLT technologies but exclude the slope measurement feature. This is not necessarily a bad point for the device, as it allows it to be used in tournaments abiding the slope measurement regulations.

With a range of up to 1.000 yards, the device manages to keep accuracy within 1 yard which makes it a good tool even for professional players. With an ergonomic design and fast focusing system, the rangefinder can also be sued by intermediate players which need to get into long-distance data reading. It may be one of the best opportunities to get into Bushnell`s range of devices. But the rangefinder may also be a good choice for players looking to have a handy tool during official tournaments.


Bushnell Tour V4 Golf Rangefinder Review
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