Bushnell PRO X2 Golf Rangefinder Review

The Bushnell PRO X2 is a complete golf rangefinder. It comes with many popular technologies which have made Bushnell one of the most respected manufacturers in the industry. The construction of the rangefinder is also distinctive. It comes with some of the most durable materials in its niche. But the best part about the device is its impressive range. It comes with a 1.300 yards laser range. From the total yardage, 450 are to the flag. This makes it one of the most powerful rangefinders on the market.


  • 1.300 yards coverage
  • Rubber-coated metal housing
  • Slope measurement
  • Fast focusing


  • No one-button operation


There are just a few rangefinders which can really perform at this level. With a range of 1.300 yards, it becomes one of the staples of the industry. The PRO X2 has an accuracy of 1-2 yards. This will largely depend on the distance. And while there are some rangefinders which can go below 1-yard accuracy, this would be difficult to maintain at such impressive distances. The CR2-powered rangefinder can also measure the distance in an inclined or declined surface. Slope measurement function can be switched on and off to be tournament legal.

Some of the technologies loved by golfers include JOLT and Dual Display. JOLT signals players when the flag is locked by the laser. Dual Display technology gives the players the freedom to choose between the black and red color variations. These readings can be thus easier to see in different weather conditions.


The design of the rangefinder is at the same height level as the technologies. It manages to bring a solid performer to golfers with its robust construction. With the rubber-coated metal housing, there are plenty of reasons to see how the premium design would appeal to true enthusiasts. It`s waterproof build make it one of the strongest and durable options on the market. But the rangefinder also has good optics with its 6X magnification with multiple coatings. The design comes with easy to use dials. The main dial is for diopter adjustments which many players will find useful. And alongside the power button, there is a dedicated button for the slope measurement technology. This can easily be switched on and off to abide tournament regulation.

The Bushnell PROX2 is one of the complete golf rangefinders on the market. With a solid construction and a selection of the best technologies in the niche, it might be among the top choices for golfers of all levels. The rangefinder can be used on any weather due to the IPX7 sealing. It comes with a powerful laser with a range of 1.300 yards. The laser can read complex data which include the calculation of distance for inclined or declined surfaces. The JOLT and Dual Display technologies also add value to what already is one of the most advanced devices on the market. It would work best for an advanced player or someone looking for a rangefinder to use for years to come.

Bushnell PRO X2 Golf Rangefinder Review
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