Bushnell Neo Ghost Golf GPS Review

Bushnell Neo Ghost Golf GPS comes in a compact design with plenty to offer. There are over 35.000 pre-loaded courses from around the world with the GPS. This gives you total flexibility when you travel. And since you won`t be needing to make any downloads, it makes the device ready-to-go as soon as you unbox it. The pocket-size device comes with a simple design which is easy to use. It will be best suited for players looking for a straightforward alternative to the complicated devices on the market. As an affordable device, it represents the stepping stone into the world of golf GPS products.


  • Compact design
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable price
  • Long battery life
  • 35.000 preloaded courses
  • USB charging


  • Difficult to connect to some courses


The device is quite capable, especially when fully charged. As expected with affordable products, it won`t perform as well on lower batteries. The 35.000 pre-loaded courses mean there is a lot of data to go through and with the automatic recognition system; the GPS can perform at the top level for a few hours. It shows front, center and back distances which are easy to read. In fact, all data is easy to read since the old-school display is as straightforward as they can get.

The device also comes with goo battery life. You can expect to play 3 rounds before recharging. And the best thing about the GPS is that it doesn`t require any additional downloads as so many modern devices do. It can be said that it is aimed at the user which doesn`t have the time to load the data onto the device. You will also have the ability to use the GPS with no membership or monthly fees; as, surprisingly, those can still exist even today.


The compact design is among the top features of the device. It comes with all you need and it can even be operated with one hand. The display doesn`t come with the latest technology but with the old school digital approach. While to some this might be a minus, it can also represent a good opportunity to increase battery life. The device is perfect for traveling players which need as much energy efficiency as possible.

The Bushnell Neo Ghost Golf GPS is among the simplest alternatives on the market. It comes with an affordable price and data which includes 35.000 courses around the world. It works best when fully charged and it delivers easy to read data from the classic digital display. While operating it with one hand is possible, it won`t be necessary in some situations. As it comes with auto course recognition, the user input is kept to a minimum. Bushnell is among the top brands in the industry and players know its true potential. The Neo Ghost is aimed at the new player who want to switch to Bushnell or at the golfer looking for an affordable and energy efficient device.

Bushnell Neo Ghost Golf GPS Review
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