Breaking 80 Golf Rangefinder Review

The Breaking 80 is one of the smallest golf rangefinders on the market. The device measures only 4 inches. But don`t let its compact size confuse you. The rangefinder can cover distances of up to 550 yards. This means it will be against some serious competition. But maybe the biggest argument to get the Braking 80 is its surprising lifetime warranty. Basically, as long as you register your product, you will be covered for the rest of your life. If you have any issues the device will be either repaired and totally replaced by the manufacturer.


  • Compact design
  • 550 yards coverage
  • Flag mode
  • Lifetime warranty


  • No slope measurement


The compact rangefinder can cover a significant distance with its 550 yards reach. This means it will have some serious competition in the rangefinder market but the device has its own characteristics which make it quite unique.

The Flag Mode is one of the most useful tools programmed into the rangefinder. The device will determine the distance to the flag by choosing the closest pin or target. This process takes around 8 seconds which is similar to what the competition has to offer.

The device does not offer slope measurement technologies or a signaling alert when the pin is locked down. But this is not necessarily due to the lack of availability of these technologies to the manufacturer but rather due to the reduced size of the device itself.


With one of the most compact designs on the market, the rangefinder manages to provide a real solution for people looking for maximum portability. With a height of just 2.9”, the rangefinder fits well into the hand giving the golfers a safe grip which is unrivaled in the community.

It must be said that such a small design cannot fit all the technologies advanced players would need. But this does give users other advantages. For example, there are fewer technologies or features which can break in time. This is why goers will receive a lifetime warranty with the device. This unique feature will certainly build its legion of fans, as there are no other products which can rival it at the moment from this perspective.

The Breaking 80 golf rangefinder is among the smallest and most powerful devices on the market. It uses one of the most compact designs in its niches while still providing long ranges which go beyond 500 yards.

So who can benefit from using the device? While the long range might inspire the advanced user, its limited technologies might be seen as a better option or the average player. Since the Flag Mode and range are among the top features of the device, it might be a good choice for the average player looking to improve skills. But it may even work for some advanced players which prefer the small design to the complex and bulky alternatives on the market. Whatever you reason to get the Braking 80 is, you will get one of the best 4 inch rangefinders you can find today.


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