Callaway Epic Pro Irons Review

The Callaway Epic Pro Irons are made with the ultimate goal of maximizing ball speed. The irons are made with the best premium technologies and materials which offer one of the best experiences both in terms of performance and it terms of sound. With above-average forgiveness, the irons represent a good alternative for those moving into Callaway series and can be the base of top level results in terms of speed and distance.

Callaway Epic Pro Irons technologies

As you may expect from Callaway`s irons, they come with the new 360 face technology. This technology is one of the best choices if you want to maximize your off-center results and use the maximum speed to your advantage. The thinnest point of the face comes with a thickness of just 1mm which can represent a good understanding of what Callaway is doing in terms of quality and return on investment. With so many manufacturers struggling to offer the right balance between upgraded technologies and improved results, it might be difficult to push for innovation with irons. But the Epic Pro series represents a true testament to what can be achieved when the best designs use premium materials and quality manufacturing.

Fans of the Exo-Cage feature will be glad to know Callaway brought it to the irons as well. The cage stiffens the body and makes it more rigid with a better swing. But it also plays an important role in the load pressure it can accept in the face. This is why the irons are not only made with fast and thin materials but they are also designed for maximum speed performance. The cage system offers the right base for the thin materials to be used in the first place. This is why it is possible to offer an iron with a 1mm thickness in the thinnest point of the face. This is still one of the fastest and most impressive designs on the market.

The tungsten material choice offers an improved center of gravity. The properties of the material allowed Callaway to deliver the design which allows strict tolerances. This finally brought the center of gravity to a lower point which allows the players to reach higher distances and improve long-range efforts.

The Callaway Epic Pro Irons were made to meet the strict needs of the players. The irons combine the right technologies with the best results and good playability which is what most players are after at this level. For maximum versatility and premium feel, you can choose between premium steel shafts to complete the powerful experience of the irons. If you`re looking to maximize what can be achieved with irons but also want to use the latest technologies, the  Callaway Epic Pro Irons are recommended for players of all levels. Since the good forgiveness levels might see them as an option for those with less experience, the higher speeds are only recommended for tour-level players who want the maximum results with the best materials selection and the finest manufacturing process.


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