Callaway Epic Irons Review

The Callaway Epic Irons use only premium materials to provide ultra-fast speeds. Although the Callaway irons have always been at the top level of the market, they are now here to show a new direction which uses the highest standard materials and the most efficient design for the maximum speeds.

New technologies

As you may expect from the irons, their simplicity always requires more research than with other golfing products. Their simple design does not mean they don`t require elaborate research for proper improvements. Callaway has shown that these results are possible with better materials and new technology integration.

This is how the 360 face cup ended up offering more distance on the average. This industry-leading technology finds the face at its thinnest point of 1mm representing the best choice for irons truly made for long-distance results. If you want to make sure you have the best energy transfer from the iron to the balls, having a thin face material is mandatory. It also helps that the off-center hits are corrected with the right amount of forgiveness.

Fans of the manufacturer will also be glad to know that the Exo-Cage design is back, even with the irons. This design practically allows for more pressure to be handled on impact and is one of the main indicators of the improved coverage. It is also the based for faster speeds and tour-level players will immediately notice how this allows them to reach the upper limit as quickly as possible.

The main manufacturing process is a true staple to Callaway`s efforts. It recommends the brand as a powerful molded metal injection manufacturer. The tungsten construction is a true testament to what can be achieved with premium materials and a powerful manufacturing process. This robotically-welded construction allows the irons to be a true staple in the industry. As most tour-level players can confirm, having the right material choices is not enough. Manufacturers also have to combine the right techniques to offer a final product which offers less air resistance and improved speed even when you are not expecting any upgrades.

The Callaway Epic Irons are made for performance. They offer some of the best premium materials which made the brand of the chosen options for so many professionals. With premium shafts made from graphite, players will have the opportunity of experiencing the best of the modern technologies which are used in the iron market.

The Epic Irons offer improved performance also through the design and manufacturing process. The Exo-Cage design is used even in the irons and it is a good base for the top-level performance. With a robotically-welded manufacturing process, Callaway has managed to offer the premium products so many tour-level players are after. If you want to experience the best performance with the top level premium materials and some of the best technologies from Callaway such as the Exo-cage, the irons might represent a good choice. For upgrading players, the irons are still a significant step towards top level performance.


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