Callaway Big Bertha OS Irons Review

The Callaway Big Bertha OS Irons come with a top-level performance and an unprecedented forgiveness performance. With added speed and an improved forgiveness, it’s only natural for the irons to push for the extra distance. The irons will thus provide great long game results. The speed will also increase, but rather than being due to the redesign this is based on the new face design. The new 360 Face Cup technology seen across the range from Callaway has already proved its performance level and has been well received by the golfing community.


  • Redesigned face
  • Improved performance with forgiveness
  • Improved long distance performance
  • Progressive center of gravity


  • Aimed at the very skilled players


The performance of the Big Bertha OS irons is one of the most interesting on the market. In fact, it is considered by many one of the most impressive performances on the market. This is why it is the only iron to come with a perfect score on the Hot List for this year and can be considered a top priority at the highest level.

The long-distance performance has improved. But this is not due to small updates to previous technologies. This distance performance has improved due to the new Exo-Cage technology. This revolutionary new design makes the irons one of the best options in terms of up to date technologies. Even more, since the design is new on the market it will also attract users of previous irons from Callaway which would not consider an upgrade.

The performance also comes with a higher initial launch. This will slightly change the feel of the irons and can also recommend them as a top option for the players looking to maximize the efficiency while not compromising the height of the trajectory.


The design of the irons meets the same class-leading performance. With the Progressive Center of Gravity technology, you will be able to enjoy a lower center of gravity toward the head of the iron. Together with the higher launch, this can play a crucial role in the overall portability of the shot. This is also the main physics update that will propel the long distance improvements. Together with the Exo-Cage design, it can represent a good update even for the older fans of the series. Interestingly, the irons score very high with dedicated players and they can be a top option at the highest level. The new players can also benefit from working with the irons, but they will have to go through a considerable learning curve.

The Callaway Big Bertha OS irons represent a great combination of materials, new designs and improved performance. This is why it has been considered this years’ surprise with a perfect score from many players. This can only recommend the irons as the perfect choice for the right balance of new designs and approaches such as the Exo-Cage and the performance that can drive your long distance efforts beyond what was possible and with totally new methods.


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