Leupold Rangefinders – A Golfer`s Guide

A Leupold Golf Rangefinder use some of the most innovative technologies to improve your game. While there are plenty of manufacturers on the market, not all of them manage to bring any true innovation to their product lines. Leupold has plenty of features which not only sound good on paper but they actually improve your experience out on the court. One of those technologies is DNA (Digitally Enhanced Accuracy). The PinHunter technology also works to digitally improve the experience of the user. It can be said, that in a way, Leupold is aimed at the digital golfer who loves to get involved in the latest trends.

Top Leupold rangefinder technologies and features

Leupold has made tremendous progress in the field of rangefinders. While they offer tournament legal models, they also offer some features which will help you work on your skills outside these official tournaments.

DNA technology

DNA or the Digitally Enhanced Accuracy brings out some of the best readings in the market. While the fine-tuned laser works to your advantage to provide the most accurate readings you can really use it to deliver solid results in certain situations. For example, you can find a pin, a flag or just enjoy better overall readings which might need some enhancement, especially in lower light conditions such as early in the morning or in the evening.


The PinHunter technology which is patented by Leupold can prove useful in every situation. It uses the collected data from the laser to separate data from the background and focus on your target. The technology has now reached its second generation and is among the best for locking pins with unsteady hands.  The technology works best with the PrismLock feature to lock your pin and give an exact reading on the course.

Waterproof design

The high-end design of the rangefinders means you can find your waterproof model with Leupold. Even with modern, digital, technologies, the safety of a device will also be given by its built quality. Since you might be investing in a rangefinder it might be worth looking for waterproof devices which will ensure a long life regardless on the weather conditions.


Optics is essential for any rangefinder. Leupold uses some of the most up to date optics you can find on the market which golfers will come to love. The combination of precision glass and modern coating technologies led to one of the sharpest optics you can find for the price range of the devices. The optics allow for a 6x magnification across the range as its made for dedicated players which need a precision of up to one yard.

Fog Mode

This feature has proven its utility over the past few years as players have seen some manufacturers including it in the higher-end devices. Leupold uses the technology to get readings as accurate as possible even with outdoor fog. So who would benefit from the technology? If you`re playing in a hot region you may only use the technology sporadically. If, however, you play close to mountains, in the morning or just during a rainy season, it might be worth looking for Leupold devices which include this feature. Considering the fierce competition on the market, you may also consider having a rangefinder with this technology as more and more manufacturers will start to offer it as standard.


Some of Leupold`s rangefinders come with an inclinometer. The technology will prove useful on uneven surfaces. Your data reading on hills or slopes will never be the same anymore since you`ll be able to use the technology at its maximum capacity. You may also need to know that this feature might need to be turned off during tournaments to stay USGA legal.

Club Selector

With the top rangefinders of the manufacturer, players can expect the club selector feature to show its true benefits. Since the rangefinder will determine accurate distances it will make suggestions on the clubs. While this is not necessarily a feature for the professional players, it might be a good way to shorten the learning curve with the device.

Battery life

The CR-2 Li-Ion battery is enough to power the device for a long time. There are some unwritten rules which might help you determine the actual lifetime of these batteries. You can find information on such crucial areas of a rangefinder to let you plan in advance and estimate your usage time. The actuation of Leupold batteries ranges from 5k to 6k. This is more than enough for what most golfers need.


Leupold puts a heavy focus on quality displays. There are two types of displays to choose from and they include LCD and OLDE technologies. While it might be difficult to choose between the two, you won`t be underwhelmed by any choice. Since the display technology really sets the rangefinders at or above the market level, they would be recommended for people looking for detailed and realistic displays above other features. Together with the strong optics design ethic, Leupold has set itself as one of the most important manufacturers on the market.

The Leupold rangefinders are among the simplest choices players can make in terms of quality and return on investment. The rangefinders come with quality optics, displays and up to date technologies which allow you to have a memorable experience on the court. There are also some additional features which come with the higher-end models and they include the weatherproof design. The pin technology is, however, at market level. It ranges from 400 to 450 yards and doesn`t push for the extra reach. But in most cases, this is more than enough, especially in good weather conditions.

The Leupold rangefinders are suited for players with above average expectations which need a reliable and durable device. With yards and meters readings, the rangefinders are well suited for players across the world. Made from advanced polymer or aluminum, the rangefinders are among the most durable on the market and they might be a good first purchase option for players who don`t want to spend more money in a couple of years.


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