Volvik Vivid XT Golf Balls Review

The Volvik Vivid XT golf balls come with a 4-piece design. The highly advanced balls have a matter finish which will be well received by many golfers. Although there already are some alternative with this finish, it is still a major plus for the XT balls. The design also stands out due to the Zirconium cover and the truly amazing and patented 392 dimple pattern. This means you can expect a unique experience both in terms of durability and in terms of aerodynamics. The balls are available in ping, green, red, white and yellow colors.


  • Zirconium cover
  • Unique 392 dimple design
  • Multiple colors to choose from
  • Matte finish


  • Clicky design


The balls offer extreme distance and they will definitely push you to your best performances. It is not unusual for players with 100+ mph performances to use the balls. This is basically due to some innovative technologies and patents which really propel the balls among the top recommended options in terms of visibility and performance. The balls are the only 4-layered design which doesn`t use a urethane cover and this should be encouraged as there is barely any innovation from this perspective in the golfing community. The Zirconium cover is truly unique and it remains to be seen if this can be the start of some innovation either from Volvik or other manufacturers.

In terms of performance, the ball is very aerodynamic as expected. It combines durability and spin to offer a good overall performance. Advanced players will be happy to hear that the balls are fantastic for pushing those long-distance efforts. With very low spin from the driver, the balls offer one of the best experiences in terms of high-speed long range shots. This is why it is not unusual to see the balls perform at over 100mph.


With compression 100 matte finish and a 4-piece design, there is not much that can be said in terms of negatives of the design. The balls come with a patented dimple pattern which counts 392 uniquely-shaped perforations which offer unrivaled aerodynamics. Because the high speeds cannot be achieved only with the core design and materials, but it is a combination of elements which allows the balls to perform. With such low spin rates, it is hard to see how the newer players would handle such potential.

The Volvik Vivid XT Golf Balls offer one of the best experiences in terms of playability, design and performance. With a patented design and a real desire to push for the next limit, the balls offer one of the best player experiences on the market. It is true that Volvik already has a legion of fans, but the XT design doesn`t disappoint either. As there are so many options to choose from, a design which doesn`t come with a urethane cover and is always capable of pushing further with great aerodynamics is great for medium to high speeds and players which know how to get the most out of them.

Volvik Vivid XT Golf Balls Review
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