Volvik DS55 Golf Balls Review

The Volvik DS55 golf balls represent a solid option for distance performance. With extra accuracy, the balls represent a good solution for players of all levels and they certainly can benefit the enthusiasts or professional who needs to push for the next personal record. The balls come with a reduced spin rate. This is made possible by the elastic power core. But players can also expect reduced side spin which means the off-center shots will come with improved accuracy. The soft feel is the base characteristic of the balls, since they are made using 55-compression


  • 55-compression
  • Improved accuracy
  • Improved distance
  • Less sidespin
  • Soft core
  • Longer impact time


  • Benefits players within the 60 to 90mph range


The Dual Spin technology of the balls can mean that you can expect up to 10% more roll on the green. The extra percentage is compared to similar options from other brands. Since the 77-compression, Volvik came a long way. They have manufactured the 55-compression and one of the softest balls yet.

In a way, Volvik has tackled some of the pressing issues of beginner or intermediate players with spins. They have managed to design a ball which improves accuracy and distance within the 60 to 90mph range. This is why the manufacturer has even included the technologies in the title of the balls. The Dual Spin technology, together with the 55 compression technique has been used to give the balls a name.

The high-velocity soft core proves to be one of the most interesting on the market since it comes with unprecedented softness. This will significantly impact both the take-off and the moment of impact with the green. With one of the softest putting feels, the balls are made to improve accuracy. So what does it mean in the real world? It means that you get more control over the ball, which is specific to newer players and this is why they will see the most benefit in the extra soft construction.


With a Dual Spin core, the balls produce less driver rotation. This, of course, is something many inexperienced players are struggling with. Even intermediate players can still face similar issues in some situations. The balls are made for this purpose as they have to decrease unnecessary side spin.

The design also proves to provide marginally better results on the green. You can expect small improvements of up to 10% in the roll on the green.

The Volvik DS55 golf balls offer Dual Spin technology with 55-compression. Although they can be used by all types of players due to their ability to improve roll and due to the extra softness, they will work best for newer players. Since they have the capacity of reducing side spin, they represent one of the best options for inexperienced players who also need extra help on the green. With so many options to choose from, it might be difficult to find the right soft ball. But the DS55 balls seem to be the softest yet.



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